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Course Description

Electrical engineering is a specialised branch of engineering dealing with design of Electrical Systems deals with the study and application Electrical Power System, Electrical Machines, Control systems & Automation, Instrumentation, Microprocessors, Power Electronics, Digital Signal Processing and telecommunications.

  • Introduction to industry and its system e.g. Chemical, Power, Energy, Petrochemical, Hydrocarbon, Refinery etc.
  • Concept of EPC projects
  • Fundamentals of power generation
  • Transmission, distribution and utilization.
  • Introduction of key electrical equipment used in projects
  • Overview of codes & standards IEC/ANSI/IEEE
  • Introduction of P&ID
  • Preparation of load schedule
  • Determination of power supply capacity
  • Standby capacity consideration
  • Rating of motors in relation to their driven machines
  • Rating of other electrical equipment
  • Selection, sizing, protection, specification, data-sheet, vendor data review of following electrical
  • Equipments- generators, transformers, motor, equipment protection, power capacitor banks, HV/MV/LV switch gears, HV/MV/LV capacitor bank, power reactor, CT/PT, bus duct, AC UPS, DC UPS
  • Power and control cable introduction
  • Cable selection
  • Cable sizing for low voltage system
  • Cable sizing for high voltage system
  • Voltage drop consideration
  • Let through energy consideration
  • Earth fault loop impedance consideration
  • Cable schedule
  • Cable interconnection schedule
  • Selection and sizing of cable tray
  • Cable drum schedule
  • Conduit selection
  • Cable tagging & installation details
  • Introduction to single line diagram design & development of key SLD, detail SLD, lighting SLD, small power SLD
  • Metering and control diagram
  • Introduction to control schematics
  • Block diagram
  • Typical schematics for motor feeder
  • Typical schematics for power feeder>
  • Typical schematics for transformer feeder
  • Requirement of earthing in industrial plants
  • Earthing design calculation
  • Type of earthing and details
  • Earthing installation details
  • Earthing layout design
  • Power supply system grounding
  • Equipments earthing
  • Ground electrode system
  • Lightening protection requirement
  • Lightening installation details
  • Lightening layout design
  • Material takes off
  • Zone / Division classification
  • Types of protection for hazardous areas
  • Hazardous source list preparation
  • Certification of hazardous area equipment
  • Marking of equipment nameplates
  • Hazardous area drawing / layouts
  • Preparation
  • Introduction
  • Type of lighting fixtures
  • Selection of lighting fixtures
  • Indoor illumination calculation
  • Outdoor illumination calculation
  • Street lighting calculation
  • Calculations on software
  • Lighting layout design
  • Lighting installation detail
  • Small power selection
  • Lighting board schedule
  • Material take off
  • Introduction
  • Type of sub-station
  • Legislation, standards, drawing and documents
  • Substation layout and equipment
  • Surge arresters, line traps, power insulation, bushings, bus bars and connectors
  • Interlocking lighting protection, lighting
  • Substation earthing protection
  • Project settings
  • One-line diagram
  • Load flow analysis, configuration & case study
  • Circuit analysis
  • Motor starting study

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